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I have been randomly thinking about encouragement recently, and how much nicer it is to live in an atmosphere of encouragement than in a place of mocking and teasing, snide comments and so on . . . it’s the devil’s work to pull us down, he doesn’t need any help from us! The Bible urges us time and time again to encourage each other. With this in mind I did this really short video, which I hope might be helpful – there’s probably nothing there you don’t know already, but sometimes repeating the obvious can be useful!


Anyway, here’s the link to the video:




Let me know what you think!


And here is a taster video of Challenge #1 – Listening to your children. Let us know how you get on!


And this is Challenge #2 – Do something for someone else together. You’ll love it!


If you are now raring to go and do the full 30 challenges with your children, here’s the link for the ebook, which you can buy from the Amazon kindle store: :


If you’re not sure, check out the reviews page first 🙂

I do hope these videos have helped you, whether you decide to buy the book or not.  May the Lord bless you and your children as you grow in love and faith together.


book swirl 001With love in our Lord Jesus Christ,


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